Here are some tips to help you stop smoking:

Work out why you want to stop…we all have different reasons
Do you want to improve your health / breathe easier?
Is it financial reasons?
Are you embarrassed about the smell on your breath or clothes?
Are your teeth yellow (or brown? eek)
Are friends and family nagging you?
Are you afraid of an extra risk of cancer?
Are you finding it just too inconvenient to smoke – freezing in the cold and rain / feeling like an outsider?If you have tried to stop before, do you know why it didn’t work? 
You need to do a little self-analysis to work out why, as this increases your chances of quitting with the help of therapy

Are you scared to stop?
Do you worry about what you will do with your hands?  What if I get stuck in a traffic jam, what will I do if I don’t smoke?  How will I deal with stress?
Most people are afraid to stop smoking – what if you fail?  What if you succeed?  These fears cause you to sabotage any attempt to stop.  You can overcome these fears if you understand them – you will find a way to work it out.

If what you are doing isn’t working, then do something else
Once you know the real reason why you keep failing, stop trying to stop with the methods you have used and failed with, because they don’t work for you. For example, if taking nicotine doesn’t help you to stop smoking, taking nicotine some other way isn’t likely to help you stop smoking either.

Which method is the right method for you?
Once you stop wasting time doing the wrong thing, think about other methods that could help you.  Also – if you know someone who succeeded with hypnotherapy, for example, that doesn’t necessarily signify it is the right therapy for you (but of course it might be :).

Find the right hypnotherapist 
There are many people out there promising they can stop you smoking.  The only person who can stop you smoking is YOU.  A therapist can HELP you to stop smoking.  When choosing the right therapist for you, check their qualifications.  Money back guarantees are usually a bad idea and more expensive does not mean better.

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