Firstly, congratulations on deciding to stop smoking, knowing when you are truly ready is the hardest part….and you have already done that bit!

Stop smoking in one session

In just one session you can become a proud, happy NON-SMOKER. I use a special method that combines hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and I am so convinced of the success of this method to stop smoking that I offer one year’s free support. This means that in the unlikely event that a client were to start smoking again within one year of the session they could come for a back-up hypnosis session at no extra charge.

Why choose me to help you stop?

I am a registered and fully qualified, Advanced Stop Smoking Hypnotherapist and I am extremely passionate about helping people to stop smoking.  Knowing how proud I am of myself of being an ex-smoker, I want to share the pride and make you feel good too!  The relief I feel is immense and with the help of stopping smoking with the use of hypnosis, you too can be a happy, proud Non-Smoker for the rest of your life.

Quit smoking hypnosis will give you back control, rather than allowing cigarettes to control you.  Not to mention a healthier bank balance, feeling fitter, breathing easier, smelling clean and being a positive example to others.


During the hypnotherapy session I will help you break the habit of smoking. I help you break the triggers and connections with smoking, whether they are emotional (such as stress or boredom) or physical (such as after a meal or with a drink) and help you feel great about saying “no” to cigarettes and tobacco.

Success rate?

With Hypnotherapy, your chances of stopping smoking are very high. It has been shown to have the highest success rate to Stop Smoking – more effective than nicotine gum, nicotine patches or electronic cigarettes.  Millions of people have stopped smoking through hypnosis.  and remember, the are no harmful side effects stopping smoking hypnotherapy.  However, there is no magic wand and you will be expected to do your part of the process and follow along with the instructions given.

Will I gain weight?

Many smokers worry that they will gain weight if they stop smoking. If you have stopped smoking in the past using willpower alone, you may have replaced the smoking with snacking. Using hypnosis, your smoking habit will be replaced by a healthy habit such as drinking water, doing exercise or simply taking a few deep breaths instead and you will be given powerful suggestions in hypnosis that there will be no increase in your appetite on becoming a NON-SMOKER. This allows you to become a NON-SMOKER without gaining weight.

Do I need a lot of willpower?

Willpower is in your conscious mind – the part of your mind that wants you to stop but it is your unconscious mind that is in control. It is your unconscious mind that is accessed in hypnosis. These unique stop smoking hypnosis techniques can help you quit smoking easily and effortlessly. For those of you who have tried stopping smoking just using willpower, quitting smoking may have been difficult for the first few days. However the powerful hypnosis techniques can help you get through this period much more easily.

Prior to the stop smoking session I will send you some free information that will help prepare you for the hypnotherapy session and help dispel the myths surrounding hypnosis.

Where are the Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy sessions?

I hold stop smoking hypnotherapy sessions in Grange Park, North London N21, Winchmore Hill N21, Enfield, Muswell Hill and Goffs Oak, Cheshunt, St Albans and surrounding areas.

Please note…There are no guarantees and I do not offer refunds.

Please email me or call me on 07932 084 321 for a free no-obligation chat to see how hypnosis can help you to stop smoking.

How much are the sessions?

The session is £240 (including one free back up session in the unlikely event a person would smoke within the first year of their appointment).

Alternatively you could come with a friend who also wanted to quit smoking.  The first 45 mins would be together and then the second 45 mins would be separate. This would cost £200 per person.