“What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” Napolean Hill (motivational author).

Happy New Year everyone – So, how are you all doing with your New Year’s resolutions? If you’ve still not had any chocolate, fags or booze you’re doing very well and are a rare breed. Many resolutions are made because —it’s what we “do” every year at this time. And for the majority, the custom of breaking a resolution is as strong a part of the tradition as making it.

In their hearts, most people expect to not achieve their New Year Goal and The main reason is

They Expect to Fail

An old friend of mine used to make a resolution every new year to stop smoking.  Sometimes she would stop for 2 days, other years a couple of weeks but it never lasted. Now, being a hypnotherapist,  the reason is obvious to me.

She always said something like this: “I’m going to stop smoking, I hope” or “I’m going to try to give up smoking” or ”I’m going to stop smoking—at least for a while.”

Notice how she built failure into every one of those resolutions. Frankly, resolutions are the closest thing to hypnotic suggestions. Build in failure and you’ve practically hypnotised yourself to fail.
So you see, people usually make and break resolutions! This is because they rely on their will power to help them achieve their goal. Unfortunately will power resides in the conscious mind which is limited.
Another main reason for people making and breaking resolutions is that deep within,  they don’t believe in themselves. Years of negative input, negative feelings and negative self-talk like “I don’t think I’m good enough” or “I’m a failure” have been imprinted deeply in the subconscious mind. And since the subconscious is also lazy, it doesn’t easily accept positive affirmations just once a year. Feelings that reside in the subconscious were formed through repetitive experiences and through believing what we are told by our elders. So, merely making New Year resolutions each year hasn’t worked for most people.
The only way to keep a resolution is to get the subconscious and the conscious in agreement.  If our conscious was the part that was in control, it would be easy to stop smoking/drinking/biting nails, however it’s the subconscious that is control and that is why we need to access it and the best way to do that is through hypnosis.
Hypnotherapy can often really help individuals suffering from fears and phobias.  Hypnosis can be used to communicate with the subconscious mind and re-evaluate thinking patterns and behaviour.

Do you fear flying? Scared of heights?  Scared of spiders?  Frightened of feet?  Afraid of appearing on stage? Terrified of trains? Petrified of presentations? Wary of water? Anxious around animals?  Dodging the dentist?

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