Get rid of anxiety and panic attacks
These days, I see more and more people coming through my door suffering with anxiety, stress and panic attacks.  Many have tried other avenues and finally give hypnotherapy a try.
I am sure most of us have been affected by anxiety, whether it is us who are suffering or someone they know.  Most anxious people think they are the only ones suffering and just by knowing that they are not alone and that their symptoms are harmless is a big relief.  Our minds are so vast and our imaginations are incredibly powerful that our thoughts have physical effects on our bodies.Here’s a test – close your eyes and think of your favourite food.  I will give you an example of my favourite chocolate bar – a StarBar – the best chocolate bar ever!    What’s your favourite food?  Close your eyes and imagine in as much detail as possible:

You are handing over the money for the Starbar
You are walking out of the sweet shop
You sit in your car
You open the wrapper
Bring the starbar to your mouth and take a bit bite, chewing it slowly. YUM!

By this point, you are most probably salivating because your subconscious can’t tell the difference between what is actually real and what we imagine – your body is responding as if that treat was actually there – all with the power of your imagination and thought processes.

When people become over anxious or panicky it’s because their bodies are responding as if they were in a life threatening situation.   The body is getting ready to run away or fight the situation.  Just say you were about to deliver a speech and you started sweating, your heart started to beat faster and your muscles tensed.  These symptoms are all perfectly normal  – your subconscious is getting ready for battle, even though you are just talking to a bunch of people.  It’s all about getting it into perspective.

Tips to help you overcome anxiety and panic attacks:

BREATHE IN! – you would be surprised how much we hold our breaths without realising.  Just by taking in a deep breath through your nose will make a difference.
BREATHE OUT! – exhale that old air, those old thoughts and negative feelings and emotions.
RELAX – by relaxing all the muscles in your body will help the tension and stress to flow away from your body, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.
EXERCISE – move your body more, release those endorphins (the feel good hormones) to make you feel better.

The above all may sound obvious but you would be surprised how often we hold our breath / tense our muscles without even realising it.

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